Here are just a few examples of some of the wonderful works that have been exhibited in our Foyer, Exhibit Case, and Raytheon Room.


March 2017

Raytheon Room                                                                                                                   Z was Zapped: Illustrations of the Alphabet by Wayland High School students based on the children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg.



February 2017

Raytheon Room: Recent Selections from Grades 6, 7 and 8  at the Wayland Middle School Visual Arts Program

Foyer: Paintings by Teresa Tedesco

 January 2017


The Way You Hold Your Knife: Paintings by Susan Larson



Photography by Mary North Allen

mary-allen-2 mary-allen-1

November, 2016

Raytheon Room: Sudbury Valley Nature Photographers’ Exhibit

Puffin Beaks 3 • Machias Seal Island, ME • A puffin pair touch beaks.       steve-gabeler-eagle-beech

Foyer Exhibit: Oil on Canvas by Rob Franco



October, 2016

Foyer Exhibit: Paintings by Jeannette Corbett

 jeannette-corbett-2 jeannette-corbett


September, 2016

Raytheon Room: Photography by David Nelson

David Nelson 1     David Nelson 2

Foyer: Paintings by Leah Litin

Leah Litin     LeahLitin_Acrylic_Seacoast

August, 2016

Raytheon Room

Calligraphy by Jiuqing Zhou

caoshubpJiuqing Zhou Raytheon Exhibit


Paintings by Abby McCarthy

Foyer Exhibit

August Exhibit

July, 2016

Raytheon Room

                           Shennan Bersani: Illustrator        Donna Berger: Artist and Illustrator

Shennan's boy Julydberger_feed_lowres


Shennan Bersani: Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

 SHennan art July exhibit

June, 2016

Raytheon Room: Illustrations by Richard Powers

Powers      Powers

May, 2016

Foyer: Photography by Murray and Trudy Drobnis


Raytheon Room: Painting by Bud Burnham

Bud 1 Bud 2

April 2016

Foyer: Capturing Life by Sachin Sawe

gummy bears

Raytheon Room

April Exhibit 1

      February-March 2016

Raytheon Room: Art by Wayland Middle School Students 

Raytheon Rm Feb 2 Feb Raytheon Room 1



January 2016 Raytheon Room: Shennen Bersani Illustrations 

        Shennen's Starfish    Shennan's horseshoe crabs

 December 2015 Foyer: Water Color and Oil Paintings by Jeanette Corbett 
Liguorian Seacost 23x31

September 2015: Jay Pendexter is a professional artist from Framingham, MA paying tribute to the natural world through watercolors and oil pastels.


PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBS OF Claypit Hill, Happy Hollow, Loker, & the Middle School
Olivia Dussault


 Library Foyer: Nature Photography By Joan Chasan


August 2015, Raytheon Room:  Crowd Paintings by Miranda Updike. 

biolabs1.theirparts biolabs10swellingmob


July-August: Have you ever used a non-electric typewriter? People of all ages have enjoyed using our typewriter. Come try it out!

Raytheon Room: The Selfie Show: An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits of Wayland  Residents.  Arts Wayland and the Wayland Local initiated a selfie  contest by Wayland residents.

Lower Level Display Case: An Homage to the Fairy Tale Librarian Elise Katz

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