Wayland Free Public Library

Library Behavior Policy


The Wayland Public Library is a tax-supported community agency which is available to all regardless of age, residence, race, education, socioeconomic status or religion. Everyone using this facility or seeking assistance in finding materials and information should receive impartial, high quality and friendly service. There is significant government interest in maintaining a library environment that is conducive to the users' exercise of their constitutionally protected right to receive information.

This significant interest authorizes publicly supported libraries to maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere in which library clientele and staff can be free from harassment, intimidation, and threats to their safety and well-being.

The establishment of a set of guidelines for behavior in the library building is necessary to insure the existence of an environment which promotes the use and enjoyment of the library's resources and at the same time, protects the public, the staff, the materials and equipment. The library must provide appropriate safeguards against illegal behavior and enforce policies and procedures that address such behavior when it occurs. In order to protect all library users' right of access to library facilities, to insure the safety of users and staff, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage, the library governing authority, in this case the Board of Trustees, may impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place, or manner of library access.


The following code of behavior governing the use of the library by the public shall be enforced in order to provide a standard of acceptable behavior:

1) Respect for other library users shall prevail at all times.

2) Smoking, use of smokeless tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics will not be tolerated in the building or on library grounds.

3) Consuming food or beverages is strictly prohibited, except during special library-sponsored events when food and drink are served.

4) Shouting, running, pushing or other rowdy, rambunctious or disruptive behavior is not permitted. Disruptive behavior is defined as destructive or continuing activity by any individual or group of individuals which infringes on other patrons' rights to use the library for reading, research, study, etc.

5) Sleeping is not permitted in the building.

6) Improper acts which are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law are prohibited. Only one person at a time is allowed in the rest rooms with the exception of a parent and a young child or a disabled person in need of assistance.

7) Destruction or defacement of the library building, property, or library materials is punishable by law.

8) No person shall bring, or let into the library building, any animal, other than a service dog, without the authorization of the library director.

9) No person shall threaten the safety or rights of another person while on the premises of the library by violent, riotous, or disorderly behavior or by abusive, obscene, or profane language.

l0) Canvassing, selling, soliciting or distributing materials is prohibited without the permission of the library director.

11) Appropriate attire including shirts and shoes must be worn inside the library building.

12) Personal telephone calls cannot be made from or accepted by the library. Those needing to make a telephone call are advised to use the pay telephone in the parking lot. With staff permission, local calls of an urgent nature may be made on a library telephone. Conversations on cellular phones are not permitted inside the library building, except in the lower entrance foyer. Those carrying cell phones should either deactivate them or keep them on their person at all times to prevent uncontrolled beeping.

13) Members of the public must use only authorized entrances, exits and stairways. No loitering in the parking lot, or blocking of public entrances is permitted.

14) No person shall leave children age eight or younger unattended for any period of time on library premises. Especially on the library balcony or in the elevator, young children must be accompanied by a parent or other adult in charge of them. Parents or guardians are always responsible for the supervision and behavior of their young children.

15) All persons are expected to comply with reasonable requests of any library staff member.

16) Any person who, in the opinion of the library staff, is engaging in conduct described here as inconsistent with the orderly operation of the library will be asked to leave and will be expected to do so in an orderly manner.

17) No person shall take library materials without properly signing them out. Removal of library materials without checking them out is larceny.

18) A person may be required to leave the library if their personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operation of the library or with the ability of other patrons to use and/or enjoy the facility.

19) All bicycles must be left outside on the racks provided.

20) A patron may be asked to show his or her library card and/or other identification.

21) The library reserves the right to search any bags or parcels.  In certain cases, the Police Dept. may be called to do this.

22) A patron may be required to leave personal belongings believed inappropriate with the library staff until he or she leaves the building.

23) Patrons are expected to cooperate with staff when closing time is announced. Usually 10 to 15 minutes before closing time, notice is given over the speaker system providing enough time for borrowers to check out library materials at the circulation desks.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, Revised
April 20, 2000