Wayland Free Public Library

Policy on Distributing, Soliciting and Posting

A major role of the public library is that of community activity and information center.  In performing this role, the Library may provide bulletin boards, distribute print material on local events, courses, programs, and in general serve as a disseminator of information.  This type of information differs from the Library’s formal collection of print and nonprint holdings.  It is often ephemeral and time-sensitive, and it is not selected by Library staff. 

Library policy in this area supports a philosophy of inclusiveness.  As space permits, most pamphlets and similar materials may be left for distribution.  However, the fact that pamphlets or flyers are available or posted at the Library does not constitute an endorsement of the content by the Library.

The trustees and library administration have established the following policies in order that the Wayland Library perform the role of information disseminator in a satisfactory manner:

  1. The Library will provide one “community bulletin board” on which members of the public may post items they feel might be of interest to others.  This is the only bulletin board in the Library where for–profit groups, companies, organizations or individuals may post material themselves.  The Library does not vouch for or endorse any organization, product, service, business or individual who posts material on the “community bulletin board” or leaves material on the tables in the lower hall.  The Library accepts no responsibility for this material and recommends that library users exercise their own judgment, skill and care with respect to the use of this material.  The Library reserves the right to dispose of any material left at the Library at any time. 
  2. Postings on all other bulletin boards maintained by the Library must be made and removed by library staff.
  3. Inquiries regarding events and activities described in materials distributed must be directed to the sponsors of the events, programs, etc., not to the library staff.
  4. The Library does not permit individuals or groups to conduct surveys in the library building. 
  5. Individuals soliciting signatures for petitions or nomination papers may not actively approach people in the library building.  Library staff will designate a location in the Library building where people soliciting signatures may sit with documents to be signed.  Nomination papers and political petitions may not be left unattended in the Library for signatures as that might be construed as using public funds to support a candidate or issue
  6. Local organization newsletters, course announcements and listings of town and school programs may also be left at the Library for distribution as space permits.
  7. Copies of free newsletters and newspapers may be left for distribution at the Library as space permits.
  8. Individuals wishing to leave materials for distribution are asked to request permission from the Library Director.  This need not be a formal written request.

Approved May 18, 2011