Community Use of the Meeting Room

Please read the policy below before submitting an application.

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1. The Board of Trustees of the Wayland Public Library will permit Wayland organizations and civic groups the use of the Raytheon Room, the library’s program/meeting room, to the extent that there is no interference with library programs. All library uses take precedence over any outside group’s use of the room.

2. The use of library property is subject to restriction and regulation by the Board of Trustees. The Board reserves the right to deny use of the program/ meeting room when it views such use to be impractical or inappropriate to the library. Programs presented in the Raytheon Room do not necessarily reflect the views of the library administration or trustees, nor do they imply their endorsement.


  1. The applicant will obtain an application form for the use of the meeting room at the main circulation desk. Applications must be filed at least 14 days prior to the date of desired use.
  2. The applicant will be advised of approval or refusal of the permit and, if approved, the fees to be charged.
  3. One week’s notice will be required in the event of cancellation. If less, the applicant will be responsible for a $10 cancellation fee.
  4. The Library Trustees assume no liability for injury to any person present on library property as the result of a permit issued to any organization. The holder of the permit shall be responsible and liable for any damage to property or equipment.
  5. The use of the meeting room is limited to Wayland groups or organizations which include Wayland citizens in their membership.
  6. All events held in the Raytheon Room that are hosted by outside groups must be free of charge and open to the public.
  7. Due to high demand for the room, no outside group will be allowed to schedule the room in advance for more than two events during week days or four events during weekend hours.  All events must occur during the library’s open hours and the room must be vacated 15 minutes before closing time.


  1. There is no charge for use of the room by Wayland school and town government organizations which includes parents’ groups, public hearings, and board meetings.
  2. Nonprofit service organizations (e.g., Scouts, Police/Fire Auxiliary) may also use the room free of charge.
  3. Nonprofit organizations such as POP Warner Football, Bays Soccer, political parties, social service agencies, and similar groups are encouraged to make a donation to the Friends of the Wayland Library when using the meeting room.
  4. For-profit or commercial organizations, including investment firms, educational consultants, interior designers, and similar business interests will be required to pay a fee based on the following schedule.
    1. up to 4 hours/day:  $50.00
    2. more than 4 hours/day: $100.00

A check is due before you use the meeting room and must be made out to the Wayland Public Library and addressed to the Library Director, Wayland Public Library, 5 Concord Road, Wayland, MA 01778.


  1. The meeting room (Raytheon Room) is available only during the hours the library is normally open. That is: Monday through Thursdays, 9AM to 9PM; Friday 9AM to 6PM; Saturday, 10AM to 5PM and Sunday, 2PM to 5PM. (Open 10AM to 1PM on Saturday and closed on Sunday in the summer).
  2. The Raytheon room kitchenette is available for serving light refreshments; the user is responsible for leaving this area clean.
  3. A maximum of 50 persons is permitted in the Raytheon Room.
  4. No smoking is allowed in the library building.
  5. No candles may be lit in the library building..
  6. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on library premises without permission of the Trustees and an official liquor license obtained from the Board of Selectmen.*
  7. The Trustees are not responsible for the cancellation of an application for the use of the meeting room in case an emergency (i.e., storm, power failure) results in the closing of the library building.
  8. The library lends equipment to individuals or groups on a limited basis. A screen and sound amplifier (microphone) are available, but if other equipment is needed the user must bring his/her own. Presenters are urged to test equipment before scheduled use.
  9. Due to limited custodial coverage in the library, users may be requested to set up or stack chairs in the meeting room.

*    To get a liquor license, groups may be required to sign an agreement that indemnifies the town from liability by presenting proof of adequate insurance coverage for the event.

POLICY APPROVAL: The Trustees “Community Use of the Meeting Room Policy” was approved on July 11, 2007 and is subject to review and revision.

PLEASE read the policy above before mailing or submitting your application.