July 2017
The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners awarded Wayland a Provisional Construction Grant totaling $10,137,980.
April 2017

At Annual Town Meeting voters pass Article 11 that qualifies Wayland’s library construction grant application for review, the final step in the application process.

March 2017

Two Public Forums are held with Tappé Architects on March 23 and March 25 to inform the community about the proposed library project – the preliminary design concept, the project timeline, and the Town Meeting article.

January 2017

  • The PMBC and the Owner’s Project Manager finalize cost estimates.
  • The Library Trustees vote to accept and submit the grant application.
  • The Library Planning Committee votes to endorse the grant application.
  • Twelve grant application binders are assembled and eight are hand delivered to the Boston office of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (January 24).
  • The Library Trustees submit a warrant articlefor April 2017 Annual Town Meeting to complete the application.  The next step is a vote endorsing the application.  Grant winners will be announced in July. 

December 2016

  • Work continues on developing all the documents and the narrative required for the grant application.

November 2016

  • A Community Forum is held on November 2 in the Senior Center for Tappé Architects to share preliminary designs and early cost estimates and also to answer questions from the public about a potential new library at 195 Main Street.

October 2016

  • The Library Trustees submit a “Letter of Intent” to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners; a first step in the MPLCP grant application process.
  • Site investigations and design work by Tappé Architects continues.
  • Discussion with other Town Boards (Recreation, School, Public Works, Selectman) produce jurisdictional lines at 195 Main Street.

September 2016

  • Site investigations and preliminary design work continues.

August 2016

  • Using another matrix to evaluate many variables, the Library Trustees and the LPC determine that the site at 195 Main Street is best suited for an application to the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The Trustees and the LPC present this information to the Town’s PMBC, which endorses that recommendation.

July 2016

  • The Library Trustees and Library Planning Committee (LPC) recommends to the PMBC that 5 Concord Road and 195 Main Street be the two finalists for consideration..  A matrix was used to assist in evaluating three potential sites for library expansion.
  • A Community Forum is held on July 26to update the public on the progress of the Library Planning and Design Study.

June 2016

  • Work continues on evaluating potential sites (including the current library site at 5 Concord Road) for possible library expansion.

May 2016 

  • Two evening Community Forums with Tappé Architects are held May 17 and June 8.
  • A Teen Forum with Tappé Architects is held May 27.
  • Tappé Architects conducts a community survey.
  • MBLC Program Noticeof the 2016-2017 Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP) grant round.

April 2016

  • Tappé Architectsof Boston is hired for the project.
  • PMBC meets with Tappé.
  • The Library Trustees sponsor three articles (17, 18, and 19) at Annual Town Meeting to assist in the completion of necessary studies for the project. All articles passed!

February 2016

  • Design Technique, Inc. is hired as Owner’s Project Manager for the project.

November 2015

  • At Special Town Meeting, voters pass Article 6, which funded a $150,000 Planning and Design Study to assist the Library Trustees in doing the work necessary to submit an application for a Public Library Construction Program grant to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners in January of 2017. Shortly after Town Meeting, the Library Planning and Design project is assigned to the oversight of Wayland’s Permanent Municipal Building Committee (PMBC).

August 2014

Governor Deval Patrick signs a bond bill authorizing over $150 million for the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP).  It is the first construction bond approved in six years.  The Board of Library Trustees believes that the town should carefully consider this opportunity to help bring the Wayland Free Public Library into t