ESOL Tutor Training Seminar

Since 1990 the library has been training adults to become volunteer ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) tutors.

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  • No teaching experience or foreign language ability is required in order to be a tutor.
  • You will be trained to offer this service to someone who really needs help.
  • You will work one-to-one with adults who desire to improve their abilities in spoken and written English.
  • Learners develop their own goals for what they wish to accomplish.
  • The tutor creates lessons and finds materials that will enable the student to achieve these goals.

The Wayland Library has sponsored an ESOL Program (English for Speakers of Other Languages) for seventeen years. This program has trained well over two hundred tutors. We still have a never-ending waiting list of learners who need our help.


  • Fifteen hours of intensive work
  • Part One makes the tutor aware of some of the problems faced by the student in learning English;
  • Part Two consists of specific skills and techniques for teaching.

There is no print application process.

For further information contact Ginny Steel, Program Director 508-358-7517

LIBRARY RESOURCES You can find online and print materials in the library to support both tutors and students.

English Conversation Group

Library Materials

Foreign Films

Mango Languages

Mango is designed to equip you with conversational abilities from the very start. Whether you’re learning how to order a pizza or ask when the game starts, Mango immerses you in real, everyday conversations in 72 different language courses and ESL instruction for speakers of 19 languages. The newest feature is language learning through film with popular films in their native language.



America’s Literacy Directory provides listings of programs based upon needs and location.

Listening Exercises:

ELLO – Offers short recorded conversations with script.  Appropriate for beginner and intermediate learners.  

ESL-Bits – Offers short stories, novels and autobiographical talks with script.  Appropriate for intermediate and advanced learners.