Exhibits and Displays in the Library


The Wayland Library encourages exhibitions and displays of paintings, photographs, crafts, sculpture, and other art works in so far as space permits. This policy reflects the Trustees’ belief that the library serves an important cultural role in the community as a showcase for the works of artists and craftspeople in the Wayland area. The library provides an attractive place where people may enjoy the work of neighbors and friends. In keeping with the library’s role as an educational force in the community, library display areas may also be used for educational and informational exhibitions which may be sponsored by the schools, town departments, agencies and civic organizations.


Three areas in the building are available for exhibits:

  1. The main level foyer adjacent to the front entrance is a small, well-lit area, conducive to a limited grouping of photographs, paintings, maps and similar framed items. A table can be set up for sculpture or models.
  2. The lower level has a locked display case built into the wall. It is well lit, contains narrow shelves, and lends itself best to collections of letters, small books, postcards, toys, dolls, etc.  This display case area does not include the walls in the adjoining corridor.
  3. The Raytheon Room is an all-purpose meeting room, which has been outfitted with track lights and molding for displaying paintings, photographs, and other framed items. Depending on their size, twenty-five to fifty items may be shown in the Raytheon Room and the adjoining corridor.

Use of the Exhibit Spaces

The exhibitions are the responsibility of the director, under the supervision of the Board of Trustees. The director may delegate responsibility to the Assistant Director, Arts/Wayland volunteer coordinator, or the Children’s Librarian, depending on subject matter. However, it must be stated that the use by individuals or organizations of the Wayland Library’s facilities for displays and/or exhibits is not a right but a privilege which is subject to review by the Board of Trustees.

The following conditions prevail:

  1. Those interested in using library exhibit space must fill out an application form obtainable from the exhibit coordinator and must acknowledge reading a copy of the Library’s Exhibit Policy. No exhibit can be installed without permission from the Director or his/her delegated authority. In the selection of exhibits, priority is given to those artists residing in Wayland or connected to the town via the schools, their job or affiliation with Arts/Wayland.
  2. Exhibit space should not be used to advertise a commercial enterprise. Fliers and cards accompanying exhibits should be informational in nature and not serve to solicit customers or promote a business. Artist contact information may be included on information materials.No price tags may be placed on art objects. However, a handout listing the items by number with prices is permitted. Those interested in making purchases are asked to call the artist. Artists are expected to contribute 20% of the sales to the Wayland Public Library. Items on display need not be for sale.
  3. Materials exhibited in the library do not necessarily represent the views of the library administration or trustees and exhibition does not imply their endorsement. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item displayed. All items placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk. Owners are asked to check their own insurance policies as regards theft. The exhibit areas are not monitored by staff and may be subject to vandalism.
  4. Since communicating with the public to make it aware of featured exhibits is an important aspect of the use of exhibit space, the library director is willing to publicize exhibits in the local newspapers and other publications. The library asks exhibitors to cooperate so that we may promote their project by sending a written document describing the materials on exhibit, the artist’s training and background and any other pertinent material to the library at least three weeks before the exhibit is to be installed.
  5. After the exhibitor has obtained permission for use of the space, it is important that the time for hanging or installing and removing the items is cleared with the director or his/her delegate.
  6. No thumbtacks or adhesives may be used on the Raytheon Room walls. All descriptive labels should be affixed to the picture frames, not to the walls.Owners of the items are responsible for hanging their materials. In the Raytheon Room, there are chains with hooks suspended from the molding that are to be used for hanging.

Duration of Exhibits

Foyer exhibits are generally scheduled for a thirty-day period. New exhibits are mounted on or near the first day of the month and taken down during the last few days. Exhibits in the Raytheon Room and the locked case may be up for a one or two month period.

Approved 01/19/06  Board of Library Trustees