Town Meeting Warrant Article for
Library Planning and Design Funds


Proposed by: Board of Library Trustees                                        Estimated Cost: $ 150,000

To determine whether the Town will vote to appropriate a sum of money to be expended under the direction of the Board of Library Trustees for a study in accordance with the guidelines of the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program to examine the feasibility of (a) expanding and renovating the current library building and of (b) building a new library on a different site; further, to determine whether such appropriation shall be provided by taxation, by transfer from unappropriated funds, by transfer of funds already appropriated for another purpose, by borrowing under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 44 or other enabling authority, or otherwise.


Full text of the entire warrant for the Fall 2016 Special Town Meeting is available HERE. The Library article (6) begins on page 14 and is entitled “ARTICLE 6: APPROPRIATE FUNDS FOR LIBRARY PLANNING AND DESIGN.”