3D Design workshops (Fall)

3D design workshops are officially scheduled for the Fall season!  ‘Adults only’ sessions are included.  Register online or ask a librarian.  See below for times and dates:

Tinkercad – design and personalize your keychain!
Adults only: 9/20, 1PM – 2PM
All ages: 9/27, 7PM – 8:30PM

Fusion 360 – design your own decorative vase or pen cup!
Adults only: 10/26, 5PM – 6PM
All ages: 
10/18, 7PM – 8:30PM

Summer Reads That Make You Smarter

beach book

Your brain likes the beach, too.  Take it with you when you go, and bring along one of these terrific books.  You’ll enjoy it at least as much as what you generally read because you won’t feel like you’re slipping into a coma.  You’ll come home even more relaxed and refreshed than usual.  Everyone will admire you and your brain will thank you–just because you’ve read a really good book.

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