Final Grant Application

Appendix A: Title and Deed and Related Documentation

  1. Land Acquisition Documentation
  2. Deed 195 Main Street 
  3. Deed 193 Main Street
  4. Town Meeting Article 17 vote April 2016
  5. Board of Public Works Meeting Minutes 10-19-16-Attested
  6. Selectmen Library Certified Vote
  7. 193-195-207 Main Street Jurisdictional Boundaries 
  8. Land Value Documentation Final
  9. 195 Main Street Property Record Card

Appendix B – Town Meeting Votes

Appendix C – Town Map Showing Location of Proposed Site 

Appendix D – Floor Plans of Existing Library Building 

Appendix E – Excerpted Pages from Master Plan and Library Long Range Plan 

Appendix F – Wayland Library Building Program 2015 – Final

Appendix G – Massachusetts Historical Commission Submission

Appendix H – Geotechnical Consultant’s Report

Appendix I – Hazardous Materials Survey 

Appendix J – Structural Analysis 

Appendix K – Engineering and Other Surveys and Reports

  1. Civil 16075.00 Wayland Public Library Feasibility Report
  2. Civil Utilities Plan 16075.00 195 Main Street 
  3. Mechanical Electrical, Fire Protection Design Narrative-Revised

Appendix L – Detailed Cost Estimate 

Appendix M – LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Scorecard 

Appendix N – Alternate Parking Plan 

Appendix O – Schematic Design Drawings

  1. MBLC Grant Application Submission 
  2. Wayland Free Public Library – AS101 – Site Plan
  3. Topographic Survey Signed

Appendix P – Additional Attachments